Selecting carpet for residential environments represents a significant investment – colour, texture, style, fibre, construction and budget are important considerations, but the choice of cushion is one aspect of the decision that can have a huge impact on carpet performance.

Dunlop Springtred is Australia’s premier domestic carpet cushion range, formulated to make carpet feel richer, thicker, softer and more luxurious.

It also makes a significant difference to the durability of carpet – it’s a fact that quality carpet cushion such as Springtred can extend carpet life by up to 50%. Specifying Dunlop Springtred carpet cushion will not only offer its users the ultimate in quality and comfort, it will pay off by maximising your carpet investment over the long term.

Suitable Room Types

  • Rooms with carpet, vinyl or laminate

Key Features

  • Adds comfort

  • Reduces noise

  • Provides insulation

  • Prolongs life of floor